Can you imagine trying to make sushi without using rice vinegar? Rice vinegar puts the spark into a flavorful meal and tasty foods. It allows cooks to use their creativity as they experiment with different combinations of textures and complex layers found in the most delectable of dishes.

You can thank Matazaemon Nakano for this discovery.

Matazaemon was the founder of Mizkan. He ran a sake brewery and wanted to create a demand for a product made from the by-products of sake brewing that could be used in sushi.

Mizkan vinegar was birthed and in 1810 started being shipped to Edo, what is modern-day Tokyo.

Vinegar has evolved into a multi-billion dollar category with several varieties available, including white distilled vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and so many more. No matter what type of cuisine you’re preparing, incorporate vinegar in your next culinary adventure.