Steps to Making Maki Sushi

Creating a neat and uniform Maki sushi California roll may take a little practice. Gather some friends and have some fun.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn the art of Maki sushi. Then, hold your own cooking competition to award who comes closest to making the best-looking, best-tasting and closest-to-the-photo maki sushi.

Step 1


Place cellophane film or plastic wrap on a bamboo mat. Then lay down a piece of Nori (dried seaweed). Next, place a layer of sticky rice on the Nori, as shown, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 2

Turn over Nori, then place the prepared ingredients as shown.

Step 2

Roll as shown. Start at the side closest to you and roll tightly, away from yourself. As you roll, be sure not to trap the plastic wrap inside the roll.

Step 4

Cut roll in half to make two pieces. Cut both halves in half again, to make 4 pieces, then repeat the process to make 8 bite-sized pieces. Serve as shown.