Our Story

Today’s home chefs gravitate to their kitchens where they seek to continue the global connectivity they experience in the rest of their lives. Creating culinary adventures with varied and exotic tastes, they‘re drawn to the quality and flavor that Mizkan has delivered to Japanese chefs and families for over the last two centuries.


Mizkan has used the finest ingredients to master the craft of bringing authentic Japanese flavors to every kitchen in Japan. From originally focusing on the art of fermentation, to developing rice vinegar as a by-product, to now being a Japanese kitchen staple, we take pride in being Japan’s #1 Rice Vinegar Brand* now and for years to come.


We continue to honor our traditional heritage by using the same founding principles: to offer the finest products available, expand culinary limitations and most of all, create elevated eating experiences. Because when it comes to bringing the taste of Japan to your family table, chefs and home cooks all across the world will agree, Mizkan products are the only option.

*INTAGE SRI. Rice Vinegar Accumulated Sale Revenue 2018 – 2022.