Bento Box Tips & Tricks

  • Choose the best container. There are many specialty bento boxes available on the market and online with small compartments and containers built in to keep all of your bento components separated.
  • Pack wet or saucy foods in foil or silicone muffin liners before placing in the bento to keep flavors from mingling with other components.
  • Arrange lettuce leaves or cut raw and steamed vegetables between bento components as an edible divider.
  • For food safety, let rice and bento fillings cool before packing.
  • Refrigerate bento boxes or keep cold by adding an ice pack to your lunch bag.
  • The key to great bento boxes is to add variety, lots of color and texture. To give yourself more options, save any dinner leftovers or make a little extra the night before to add to the bento box the next day.
  • Vinegar is a natural preservative and often used in bentos to keep rice and proteins fresh and food safe.
  • Cold foods have muted flavors. Seasoning your bento components with Mizkan Vinegars adds plenty of flavor without increasing sodium.
  • Cooked rice freezes well, and is a great make-ahead component of a bento box. Save some time by pre-cooking rice and storing in individually portioned amounts in resealable freezer storage bags.